Friday, January 29, 2010

I'd Like To Shoot You In The Face...

It's been a while since my last entry so I thought since it's my day off I'm bored and there is absolutely not a fucking thing to do I might as well ramble off an entry...Many things have happened since November, I got a job-which I hate of course, Christmas which was pretty great I got absolutely everything I wanted doubles in fact, which lead to a pissy family but whatever, New Years eve fucking was p and a, worked at 5am so by 8pm I was tired and Steve and I just played video games all night and went to bed at like 11pm.

So new year means new friends, new look, new problems, new things to bitch about...
Ha new friends...I pretty much tried to become friends with everyone at work but most of them are just dumb immature stuck up bitches, the few that aren't I work with like once a week for an hour and I most likely wouldn't hang with them outside of work. Iim pretty much ready to give up on making friends my expectations are too high.
As for a new look...I chopped my hair off 12 inches and then like short layers ugh I don't know what was going through my head. I also lost a bunch of weight guess that's what eating a salad 5 times a week for a month and a half does...I was so excited when I fit into a small dress at Le Chateau.

The past week has sucked so much, Monday there was a huge blizzard and then I wasn't feeling good at work so I called someone in to finish the last 4 hours of my shift, went outside to my car tried backing out only to discover I was snowed in!! So I grabbed the shovel from the store, only to be rescued by the pizza drivers who shoveled me out...only to discover that my passenger side front tire was fucking folded over flat! Thankfully Rob the driver had an air pump so between deliveries he tried filling my tire and I drove around on deliveries with him, the whole time fighting with Steve of course, finally at 9pm he came into town he called CAA and we went to Wal-Mart to get a repair kit, CAA arrived at the same time as we got back and they filled my tire and I drove home, but on the way home my tire deflated again and Steve freaked out on me because I didn't understand his instructions, so he had to fill it up at Shell and use the repair kit and yell at me some more.

Then Tuesday we got into a fight because he went and bought the game I was getting him as a make up Christmas present ugh I was so pissed off like I waited a month for it to come out and BAM he goes and buys it himself going against our plans sometimes I just want to punch him. Then he ignored me all night and played the fucking game knowing that I'm sitting at home waiting for his call.

Wednesday was a night short shift, after work I went and got my hair done and everything was going fine, decided to go to my grandparents to do some laundry and on the way BAM! Accident!
This fucking truck in front of the car in front of me didn't go and that car had to break fast, as did I but I slid on ice and smashed into her! Fucking great! I called Steve and automatically he starts freaking out on me I couldn't believe it, he didn't even ask if I was okay, he just lectured and bitched and made me cry and yelled some more.

Thursday I just worked, came home and watched stuff till 4:30am

Friday lovely Friday, I slept with my cell off so I wouldn't wake up early on my day off, but of course my precious boyfriend calls me at 10:30 for no reason, only to tell me he's still sick big surprise you've been sick all week, got my hopes up that he was gonna come over, and that his mom was gonna do my hair but as the hours passed and I waited for him to call me back for hours and waited for texts I realized it wasn't happening. I then decided since I was already glum I may as well watch some sad movies so I watched The Bucket List and then Marley & Me and I cried my eyes out when Marley died :( Somewhere in all of that I got in a fight with Steve because apparently I was complaining too much that he wasn't coming over, then he called me a "Whiny Little Bitch" and the war began, so now we're not talking, not until he apologizes and means it.

Now I think I'm going to watch Season one and two of Gossip Girl for the rest of my stupid weekend. More later.

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