Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You'll be fine tomorrow the sun will shine...

Ugh today has been poop!
I could not sleep at all last night, my knees were like ahh!! I couldn't put them out straight, i couldn't like sleep on my side with them curved they were just so painful and I have absolutely no idea why!!
Then I decided to set things straight with one of the people who owe me money and I sent them a very blunt text saying pay up or this friendships over and we'll legally deal with it, so they've got until Dec. 15th to pay up haha.
I also apologized to Stephen and we're working things out :)

My mom came over and brought me some groceries and job applications haha and visited for about an hour with Chuck now my beds all covered in his fur GRR!
Then I watched some "So you think you can dance" like I always do when I'm bored...which is all day...I'm obsessed I've seen every episode haha
Out of nowhere I developed the WORST headache/migraine in the universe!! I had to turn everything off cause sound and light were killing me and I just hid in the dark and took a like 4 hour nap and had some bizarre dreams and woke up to Steve calling saying that he's going to sleep over tonight until Sunday...WTF?!
That's awesome I haven't gotten a sleep over that long in forever!!!!!!
He said he'd be here at 8pm...I sat here eating soup and watching my lovely dancers waiting and waiting and 8 passed, 9 passed and I was thinking oh no is he really ditching so I called at 10 and he was just packing he apologized and said he'd be over in half an hour :)
Fewph! I would've been sooo sad haha so now I must wait until he calls me to help carry in everything.


time to do a word search to distract myself!

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