Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This conversation is over and so are we...

Steve's parents don't want him living with me until they're sure that I'm established and self sufficient,well that's fucking wonderful. Steve on the other hand thinks I am irresponsible and will fuck him over in the middle of an extremely expensive university year. Wow don't I feel trusted, Steve said the reason he's been drifting away is because he knew I wouldn't go with him. Sure he's told me 4 times he wouldn't be living with me the first year, but if figured if he really loved me and saw how much I was trying to change he'd do that one thing for me. Clearly though no one has faith in me and I will always live alone.

Now I'm single just because I don't want to live alone in Nova Scotia,but like Steve said though now I can continue to live alone here! Isn't life awesome?

You know I love you, and wanted to be the one to provide for you like you've done the last 8 months, but you never will gimme a chance. How can I prove to you that I'm responsible if you won't even let me be there for you?

Now we're not talking and all he wants from me is for me to say I don't love him, is he really that fucked up? He's all that I love, I love him so much that I don't want to wait another year. Months ago we were going to move in together we looked at apartments and it was great, but then he decided he'd rather go back to school so we can have a good future, what doesn't he get?

Why should I change if you don't even have faith in me? Everything I've been doing was for our future, but you keep putting it on hold, well now we don't have a future.

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